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to the united states >>> i believe nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart to it. >>> saturday the activist got a phone call to pack is back he left a beijing hospital and ordered a flight to the united states with his wife and children. his flight landed at north liberty airport outside of new york, the trip ended a diplomatic tug-of-war that lasted nearly a month. the blind activist and outspoken critic of china's forced abortion policy. he escaped house arrest and sought refuge at the american embassy in beijing. the u.s. struck a deal to lie and to get treatment and a reunited with his family once there and he asked to leave china. hillary clinton started negotiations and got him out of the country. >>> for the past seven years i've never had a day's rest i've come here for recuperation in body and spirit >>> he says he will continue to fight injustice as he studies law at nyu in manhattan. >>> a police dog recovers in a sacramento hospital after being shot by a suspected car thief officers and the canine boding chased the gunman through a neighborhood forcing three schools
-day affair that went into the night. grit of the united states is committed to accountability under locker for those who have plotted to attack her nation and to kill innocent people. >>> they face nearly 3000 murder charges for the 2001 attacks six family members that lost loved ones in the courtroom. are those that either could go arden want to watch closer to television at four military bases in the united states including hamilton in brooklyn york. many say with this on the court room for shredded them. >>> it seems like they're doing everything they can to delay the justice. >>> the second to ran for the defendants the first trial was stopped in the obama administration tried to shut down guantanamo bay and legal experts say could be years before there is a verdict in the case. >>> campaign 2012 is off and running with president obama in malibu and thursday for a fund- raiser at the home of actor george clooney. he kicked off his reelection campaign official yesterday with two speeches one in ohio and one in virginia key swing states. on issue after issue republican mitt romney wo
>>> millions across asia and western united states witnessed a rare event the annular eclipses known as the right now a fire another flub in case you missed it. a driver videotapes bikers on the freeway and then runs into them. it is what happened next that landed him in hospital. remembering the falsetto voice of '70s disco group the bee gees robin get loses his battle with cancer. good evening i'm ann notorangelo. we have you covered the annular eclipses in nearly two decades has come and gone brian hackney here to show was we could not see with our native guys >>> you see on the monitor behind me what we saw five hours ago the immune the moon about to a clips' the solar disk and other parts of the world got a complete view of it. at the observatory at >>> well it it turned out in hundreds. the best way to look at his or clips is to be nice to end astronomer wendy of people cannot to safely view of the apocalypse. it began in southeast asia sunrise this morning video shows what they had to contend with. they had clouds but when the sun appeared it appeared with perfect timing
of the united states. >>> with a sharper focus on reelection he repeatedly hammered his republican rival. >>> corporations are not people, people are people >>> the president acknowledged is not satisfied with the state of the economy but once the wealthiest americans to pay more in taxes a clear contrast to romney >>> he believes its ceo's and wealthy investors like him make money the rest of us will automatically prosper as well >>> he said on the issues running will take the country backwards. specifically mentioning abortion rights. >>> i want women to control our own health choices. a lot my daughters to have the same opportunities we are not turning back the clock we move forward. >>> the romney team has taken to mocking obama's campaign mantra of hope and change. putting this year as hype and blame. >>> if people ask you with this campaign is about you tell them is still about hope. you tell them it is still about change. you tell them still about ordinary people who believe in the face of great odds we can make a difference in the life of this country. >>> romney campaign did not
was to destroy a large jetliner heading for the united states using an underwear bomb. the would-be bombers had not the target or purchase the ticket when agents stepped in and sees that device. >>> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. and we'll do everything necessary to keep america safe. >>> the fbi is now examining the bomb to see whether it could have passed through airport security and brought down an airplane. army investigators did not suspect foul play in the death of a soldier who died during a video chat with his wife. captain bruce clark died just two months after deployment to afghanistan and his wife has said that her husband with shots during their conversation. but investigators say there were no bullet wounds and no sign of any trauma. her family calls a model father and has been. >>> he was like the young man in the prime of his life and everything to live for. he was really happy at this point in his life. >>> his body was flown back to dover air force base for an autop
if president obama's was born in the united states. >>> everyone has, in the problem neighbor before my people in one berkeley neighborhood are so fed up that they're actually taking their fight to city hall they say drugs and alcohol and excessive noise are just some of the problems associated with a homer and ninth streets now robert lyles supports the home's future is in the hands of city hall. >>> it may be spurring but he isn't planting p&g's he's planting a warning sign. >>> so discourage people from congregating here and eels the duplex of the corner of ninth and delaware where he says drug deals played out outside the window. >>> would you see cars stopping what you see drug activity? >>> he wouldn't seek our stopping you would see transactions. hoping that he would break up the trade beds they will walk down there then. >>> there is six houses down 17229 strays invites berkeley people the records and discovered 15 felons use this address please document calls of using and selling drugs regular fights inside and outside reports of harassment and threatening neighbors and passerby'
in the is appealing for the united states to leave china chan one change that lets the u.s. embassy today and was reunited with his family at a hospital. he now says he regrets leaving the embassy. he says that his wife was treated badly by police after his escape from house arrest. the speed of light address to his wife and children nor did chinese officials make any threats u.s. officials say there received a promise from the chinese government that chan would be able to start a new life and university town. also tonight football fans and more in the loss of one of the all- time greats jr. say i was found dead in his home near san diego this morning from a parent's suicide. michelle guile with the latest on the investigation. ramos and from the two-year sale from the committee of oceanside comes to grips with the painful news that the hometown hero died this morning an apparent suicide. he was wheeled out of his beachfront home where he was shot to death she remembers the last phone call. he was he called me at home. i heard a voice wednesday morning. junior white generic tell me you le
. professor lee riley uc-berkeley says that about 10,000 cases of the highly contagious disease in united states stamp more than half of the case is the emblem people outside the country. we're talking 10 percent of people don't take their medicine. >>> its resistance could be even higher as rodriguez authorities say began as a habit of conducting his home town in mexico. for all the missiles in the bay area tell me that it's extremely rare that the staff that have to tell somebody for refusing to take their medication but it happens. the state is a last resort is a work diligently with patients make sure it doesn't get to that point. joe vasquez cbs five. >>> said the level but a court fight to get permission to remove coffins under unearthed during construction funds during his senate term this could be more than a thousand others the cemetery was covered over decades ago and made into a parking lot. coke's that cemetery disappeared from county maps and 1958 and 1932 that shows the land was once the gravesite. pa and anybody that died here was like a penniless and so there were simply
but not impossible a few jaguars do inhabit the extreme southwestern united states but they say more than likely it is just a dark not land. >>> or bob. >>> had to choose for stargazers in one month a few weekends ago with a clear view of that super moon ended sunday is the suns turned to surprise and it's done ford shows us is a very special event. >>> is an astronomical event to see a great astronomical event these third graders here are getting ready for a first in a lifetime event. 632 sunday afternoon the move will pass in front of the sun crating a rare solar eclipse known as the ring of fire. astronomers jonathan brant and says this one will be dead. >>> is going to looks strange and will block out somewhere around 85 to 90% delight of the sun. still scientists warned to not look directly at this flips because the brightness can damage the office. the best way to watch is with the welding is lance. practicing here with our lenses i'm trying to find the glasses of that i can shote the cups to my kids. >>> most welding shops are sold out of the $10 lenses to be at a small panel view yo
,776 ft. making it the tallest building in the united states. well done snow and if your friends once tell you there is an act for that. and it's apparently a very popular. the third party decides if you ugly. and we put it to the tests. 3, bequeath the the the the michael you've heard this thank you and he sat in the eye of the beholder but can you measure ugly? apparently the answer is yes and list according to a new smart fun out. those with cut shows us how the ugly meter works. did least it starts with a picture. and within seconds to get a rating that sounds a lot like this. >>> use quartet and the ugly meter. years so i would attended the windows and incubator. that would the past didn't stop oscar combine the hottest pop on the marker. did we tenure ugly is your manager hot and it's ugly at all spell really mean lines like you're so ugly many rock in the bathroom and toilet flushes. >>> it's funny as the melts into 3. >>> it's called the other leader in sales numbers are anything but after howard stern to the after the air waves. sharon is seen as says at length these are: the t
't usually perform in the united states is a circuit of performance companies that go to all the different presenting houses so you see them every other year away what we try to do is print artists whose work you they wouldn't normally see a lot of our audience working artists the mortgages and seen that type of work. so they can avoid each other's work in comparing contrast. local artists see them as well. >>> a wonderful opportunity of any festival is the the audience often gets to have some kind of dialogue or just interaction with the artists themselves. crude and must be harder to find the stuff a few looking for new and fresh what's new that hasn't been done theatrically remarked >>> all kinds of things out there. i travel a lot to see different companies perform and to bring them back to san francisco and it takes a couple of years to raise the money to do it so i was in poland year-and-a-half ago and i went there to see them because i heard from santa disco artists that are ready seen them and said you have to bring the company here. the artists give me keep informed as well. the
to deepest solar eclipse in the united states in 17 years with the maxwell club since extended p.m. tonight covering it live on cbs five. do not look at it directly you need to use i protection. but this is literally a blinding site so be careful of using a i- pad protection but it will be a beautiful sight. it will look like a crescent moon own most toward sunset law on the sky it's going to be memorable. the deepest point at 633 tonight. and conditions for it around the bay area. potential for maybe some cloud cover on the coast especially later in the day to what to issuers often seen the clips watch i'm talking about the time lapse of the protection of with the dish a book like today notice toward a new began to get the fog building along the shoreline and into the pay. around here heading out to moscow to discuss looks pretty good with more low-cost coming in early in the week with a high of 64 from monday. if you're headed out of los angeles son nick sunshine in 81 chicago as a cold front pass through partly cloudy rain in new york. we're off to mostly sunny start as least that is the
in the united states president obama and to the nation top police said officers this weekend. twitter when you put on that badge you assume a special response ability and every time you put it on and you never know if this day will be the day that you've spent your entire career treating poor. the day when just doing your job had been a hero or exactly the same thing. >>> 30 for the law enforcement officers around the country recognize russia extraordinary valor while performing their duties. >>> up the topic for a lot of committees of faith to run the country the president's latest remarks of same-sex marriage with a lot of churches planning on addressing the topic during today's sermons. on the republican side mitt romney made his position clear and as he delivered the speech at liberty university. >>> as fundamental as the principles are they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage that marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >>> mitt romney mostly kept politics out of the speech urging graduates
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13